From lights out to puppies to study habits, here is a fresh collection of "David’s Citations" for the interesting, weird and just plain zany in sports:

WE STILL THINK CLARK GRISWOLD WAS AT WORK: New Orleans officials explained that the 35-minute blackout at the Super Bowl was caused by a relay system that was set up to prevent power failures.

OTHER SUSPECTS FOR THE POWER FAILURE: Beyonce’s hair dryer, voodoo guy on St. Charles Street, Ray Lewis and another Manti Teo girlfriend.

BEST ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMMING DURING THE SUPER BOWL AND BLACKOUT: The Puppy Bowl, which drew 12 million-plus viewers. And during the blackout, the puppy contest on Animal Planet saw a 54 percent increase in viewership. Guess fans were hungry to see any kind of animals playing football — paws that refreshed.

MOST OMINOUS SPRINTER: UCA recruit Thomas Loving, a 6-foot-5, 255-pound defensive end, is also a sprinter on the track team, specializing in the 200 meters.

GET A GPS: Loving is from the small town of Springtown, Texas. Where is that? "Keep driving west of Fort Worth and it’s somewhere in deep mesquite," said UCA coach Clint Conque.

STRANGEST NATIONAL SIGNING DAY STORY: Arkansas recruit Alex Collins, whose mother swiped and made off with his official papers, causing a search and delaying things a day. When he gets ready to head to Fayetteville, if his car keys are missing, there will be suspect. It’ll be an interesting situation on Parents Weekend.

BEST FASHION STATEMENT: Jen Beliema, wife of new Arkansas football coach Bret Beliema, wore decorated Razorback red Cowboy boots to "Signing Day in the Rock."

A POSSIBLE STARTING FIVE OF KATIES: The Hendrix women’s basketball team has 12 players on its roster. Here are five of them: Caitlin Kriesel-Bigler from Austin, Texas; Kaitlin McNeill from Spokane, Wash.; Katy Gallien from Austin; Kati Broberg from Wichita, Kan.; and Katie Coughran from Allen, Texas. Interesting that each of the "Katies" spells here name differently.

THERE IS A SCIENCE TO HOW POPCORN POPS: Hendrix uses student workers to man its concession stand at basketball games. During a recent game, during lulls in activity, the workers were spotted studying physics and calculus.

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