This past weekend was a rough weekend for the Dowdy family. Please keep Sherry, Brandon, Chase, Amanda, Tracy and Audrey Dowdy and rest of the family and friends, as they try and get passed their loss of Timmy Dowdy. Last Saturday was Timmy’s Memorial at the Guy Perkins School cafeteria. It was an awesome memorial if you can call a memorial that. I know Timmy was looking down and saying this is what I wanted. Thank you to Mark Glover for doing a fantastic job at the memorial. I too have regrets that I had not kept in touch with Timmy like I should have. We get lost in our daily routine and seem to forget that we might not have a tomorrow even though we put off visiting till tomorrow. We never know when our time will come please don’t put things off till tomorrow. We will all regret that. There was a big crowd there of family and friends. Many got up and spoke about Timmy. I couldn’t because I was to choked up, but I know he knew I loved him and his family. 

The Guy Perkins Jr. Beta Club  Had a fund raiser Friday night at the School playing Bingo I visited and played a few games.

I do have an awesome son Jerry, he came up Sunday to help me weed eat and we got rained out and didn’t get to finish it. We also tried to get the belt back on the lawn mower but no success so back to the shop or does any one know someone that would come to the house to look at it that wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg. I don’t have a way to haul it in. I have always had a problem with the belt slipping off of this lawn mower. Wish I could afford a new one but that is out.

Please don’t forget the following in prayers, Tracy Dowdy, Betty Griffith, Wilma Stevenson, Wayne Stevenson, Montene Tarkington, Frankie D Battles, anyone else that has lost a loved one or that has been sick. 

Peach Fest is coming up soon. Don’t miss the deadlines for the Pageants and vendors. Check with City Hall for more information. 

Have a great week and remember to not drink and drive. That also means when your out joy riding in a boat too. Send news to or call 679-3299.


Todd and Kellie Cardin returned last Sunday following a trip to New York. Brooklyn, Spencer, and Madison Cardin were all able to make the trip and they had a great time. Kellie said Rhode Island and Maine were two of her favorite days while gone, but New York was beautiful and it was a great experience to be at the places she has only seen on TV. I am glad they had a good time but I am also glad they are home because I got to spend the afternoon with Kellie and Madison by the pool on Tuesday and I just love them.

Nana, a.k.a. Alene Asbell, turned 90 on Monday. I hope she had a great time on her Birthday and think she is just a dandy. If you talk to her, tell her Happy Birthday.

The Centerville School Reunion will be on the last Saturday in June, on the 29th, and I have heard several people confirm that they plan to attend. Centerville Church held a brief meeting after our service last Sunday and finished up discussing plans for the meal and I think it will be a great time. Remember to RSVP, although it is not necessary, by emailing me at or call 581-3073 if you have not already done so just to help us in planning the meal.


We had a good shower of rain last Sunday afternoon. It was really nice on Ray’s vegetable garden. But not so nice on farmers hay getting wet. They got Bart’s (our grandson) hay cut, baled and some hauled in before the shower. God’s blessing!

I didn’t have anything to write about last week, my reason for not writing. Neighbors, I need your help.

I want to talk more about our Faulkner County Singing Convention, which will meet at Pleasant Hill Nazarene Church. Last year it was recommended that Article 1 of the constitution and bylaws to have the following words added; and it shall met each year on Friday and Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July. The convention approved these recommendations and the Business Committee was discharged. Sine 12 months notice must be given to change the constitution, the additional words will be presented for a vote at the 2013 session.

Yes, we have constitution and bylaws (adopted in July 1899) with 17 Articles. But now we abide with 12 Articles. Our Convention was adopted in July 1887 by a committee of devoted men and we try to carry this on in an orderly manner. The way they would have it done.

This year our convention will be 135 years old and we are so proud of it. The Lord has blessed us with some wonderful, talented, capable, young men and ladies to lead us now in our work.

Last year, there were eight very talented pianists for the convention, including Becky Baad, Robert Clark, Kevin Ledbetter, Jonathan Sawrie, Helen Tapley, Thomsa Williston, Kay Winters and June Wood. Most songs were sung with two pianos played together.

Put this down on you calendars and plan to be with us. It’s at 6 p.m. Friday, June 26 and at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 27, at The Pleasant Hill Nazarene Church, located at 193 Johnson Loop, Greenbrier. Refreshments will be served on Friday night and lunch will be served at noon on Saturday.

Kara and Tara Collins spent a day and night recently with their grandmother, Rose Lee Collins, and Robert. Robert McElroy is feeling some better now.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads.

We express sympathy to the family of Ms. Nancy Shirley, who passed away was buried recently. Her daughters, Dianne and Nancy, we love you.

Have a good week, pray for the country, and all we should pray for.