GREENBRIER — The Greenbrier School Board convened at their regular time Aug. 13. Superintendent Scott Spainhour, President George Roberts, Carla Fix, Randy Goodnight, Greg Oaks, and Jennifer Hill were present.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Lisa Todd spoke to some of the misconceptions about Common Core emphasizing that it is not a bad thing for our school system, as some persons are led to believe. She said, "In fact, we should be happy that we have implemented this program to standardize expectations for kindergarten through 12 grades because now we are shown to be excelling."

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are designed to show a clear, consistent understanding of what students are expected to learn in K-12 math and English language arts. This common set of expectations is a way to show that students are getting a high quality education consistently, no matter what school or state they are in.

Todd went on to explain that Arkansas did not used to be "for" common standards. Now we are because we can convince educators how good we are with national level testing that compares us to some of the best schools in the country. Many businesses, including Walmart, are backers of this system so we have been able to acquire the technology to prove that we can compete with the best. Another myth that has proven untrue is that CCSS took away our ability to control our own curriculum. In fact, we decide how we will teach the curriculum to meet the standards that are set. Todd said, "We were happy for the rules because it helped us get the same technology as big Eastern schools.   We implemented Common Core two years ago and with the same budget, yet our kids are still learning more." Common Core is a positive for us.

Nabholz Construction Company reported the ten classroom addition at the High School is complete, landscaped and ready to move into. The landscaping is done to resemble a "dry creek river look." The High School Media Center remodel is slightly delayed because the wrong ceiling tiles were shipped and had to be re-ordered. When the new tiles arrive, they will be installed after school so as not to interrupt class time. The new tennis courts are delayed probably until mid to late September. They have been battling rain delays. Once the asphalt is laid, it must cure for 3 weeks before the blue acrylic coating can be applied on top of that. The look of the courts will be a court of blue with white striping, black posts, and a black windscreen. The Board approved the pay request for Nabholz.

Milk bids were won by Hiland Dairy and the bread bid went to Harris.   Krista Jackson was introduced as the new District Child Nutrition Director. Other business related to new District policy in professional development and extra-curricular activity for home-schooled students. P arents and students will receive more information on a new service this year called "Home Access Center" (HAC). HAC will keep parents and students informed of assignments, grades and attendance information throughout the school year. HAC is replacing Edline that was used in previous school years. The pay rate for substitute teachers was raised from $60 per day to $65 in line with surrounding districts that were checked. A budget report was presented by Business Manager Pat Tapley.

New people hired in a closed-door personnel meeting are: Teachers Renee Freeman and Haley McKinney; Teacher/Coach Stephen Jones; Para- Professional Jackie Casebier; Counselor Sherry Hogg; Occupational Therapist, Shannon Spainhour; Office, LeAnn Livingston; and bus driver, Justin Woodrome.

The Greenbrier School Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the District office, 4 School Drive, Greenbrier. Access more information on the school’s web-site: