GREENBRIER — Greenbrier School Board President George Roberts was honored with a plaque for his ten years of service on the Board. Additionally, he was presented with a gift of his family crest. "I can’t believe ten years is gone," he said as Board members and audience congratulated him and wished him well. "The School Board is just the over-seer to see that our community is served well and I’ve enjoyed it very much for ten years. I can’t say that I take any credit for its success because there are many people who help that along every day." Roberts was elected first in 2003. When his five year term was ended, he was convinced to continue on for another five years.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Lisa Todd presented an overview of the annual School District Parent Involvement Plan, outlining the goals for family involvement in a child’s education throughout their stay in the Greenbrier school system. Support, coordination, and technical assistance will be provided in each school with ongoing site visits to observe parental involvement practices and assist parents in supporting their child’s academic achievement. She talked about a program that can train parents on how to help their three year olds learn better called HIPPIE, an acronym for Home Based Instruction for Parents of Pre-school youngsters.

Todd further outlined the ACSIP plan—Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan. It is an extremely detailed plan to spend and account for the Title I and Title II money at all times. $548,000 in Title I can be used for computer lab aids, for technical equipment and upgrading of equipment. Soaring Wings ranch, a home for foster care students in our District, was given $12,000 to help educate these children. Todd said, "The good thing is the money will follow the child, not the building, as the child progresses through Greenbrier schools."

Because Greenbrier operates a Title I School-wide Program at all three elementary schools, Title I funds are used to serve all children in order to raise academic achievement school-wide. Title I provides federal funding to schools to help students who are low achieving or at most risk of falling behind especially in reading and math. Title I is allocated to schools based on the percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunch funded under No Child Left Behind. Schools with a percentage of at least 40% are eligible for a school-wide program.

A clever short video was shown to illustrate the Report to the Public 2013. It can be viewed in its entirety on-line at . Dr. Todd also listed each person in charge at each school if you need additional information about the Greenbrier Parent Involvement requirements or Title I for your child’s building.You may also contact Dr. Todd at, 501-679-4808 or Robin Clark, District Parental Involvement Coordinator at, 501-679-1039.

Nabholz Construction Company reported all building construction is complete, the ceiling tiles in the High School Media Center are installed and looking good and the tennis courts are still delayed, but "won’t be too much longer."

Superintendent Spainhour reported the enrollment this year is now at 3,349 students—slightly higher than last year at this time. There are now 248 in the new kindergarten class.