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With the power outages and flooding that recently happened in and around our town, there are some things about organization that you now should have learned. If not, here are some tips.

Don’t wait for a broken water pipe, clogged drain or power failure to figure out your house’s inner workings.

Make a rough sketch of the floor plans and indicate the shutoff valve, fuse or power source for everything in your home that uses water, gas or electricity.

Attach a flashlight to your metal fuse box with either magnets or double sided tape so you don’t have to fumble in the dark at a crucial time.

Be sure to label all the switches on your fuse box so you can easily decipher what’s what.

Keep an accordion file just for alphabetizing your warranties so that, when that freezer decides to conk out, you know when you bought it, who to call and, if your smart, even what you paid for it. Be sure to clean out that file whenever you change an appliance.

Attention crafters

If you love to knit, quilt, crochet, paint, sew, whittle or spend time with some other craft, go to Greenbrier City Event Center Saturday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to share some time with other crafters. They meet once monthly on the second floor, and a table will be furnished. You must bring your own craft tools; but be prepared to share a good time and some ideas for a little while with some other crafters.

New Chamber members

The Chamber of Commerce welcomed some new members this month. Hippocrates Health, 89B N Broadview, Suite 1, shares the same office building as the Chamber. They are a concierge medicine provider and will answer questions and introduce you to a new kind of healthcare. Their grand opening was Jan. 8.

Pickles Gap Cycle Shack at 286 Hwy. 65 N. in Conway not only has a full inventory of motorcycles, but they offer service too. Their phone is 501-327-2459.

Beautiful You Salon also held their grand opening this month. Located at 114 S. Broadview in Greenbrier, owners Tina Prout, Ledna Johnson and Natalie Havens are ready to create a beautiful you. Call for an appointment at 501-733-3950.

Please send Greenbrier news, questions, comments, or suggestions to BJ Fox in The Fox’s Den or call 501-679-3690.