Greenbrier Mayor Melton Cotton began walking regularly about a year ago and was so pleased with the results that he wants to encourage others to do the same.

He announced a new program called "Greenbrier Gets Fit!" and he is challenging the community to walk 107 miles with him. The Greenbrier Gets Fit! Mayor’s 107 Mile Challenge is a friendly community walking and running campaign open to anyone interested in improving their health.

The challenge is designed to encourage participants to walk an average of one mile a day. 

The program is aimed to encourage and motivate participants to get fit. In conjunction with the Greenbrier Fitness Center and an online site to make it easy to track fitness, Mayor Cotton hopes for a big wrap-up of this event on April 19. He has agreed to walk the last mile together with all invited participants to celebrate.

Participants must first register at

This web site will provide participants with instructions on how to calculate body mass index, determine waist to height ratio, a printable chart to keep track of miles and plenty of encouragement.

Participants will also find inspirational quotes, links to help quit smoking and opportunities for group participation and support.

Many are not aware of how many places there are for individuals, as well as families, to walk. Besides the City Event Center, Greenbrier offers a baseball complex and a softball complex with kids’ playground equipment.

The high school quarter mile track is available and Woolly Hollow State Park is near by.

One of the best kept secrets in town is the Wilson Family Nature Park. The 1,310-foot (quarter mile) nature trail was completed in 2010 with wood chip mulch on the trail instead of rock to keep it nature-like.

The trail begins at the end of Business Park Road, just east of Highway 65. The beginning of the trail can be seen from the front door of the Greenbrier City Event Center on Lois Lane.

Mayor Cotton said, "It’s probably about a 15 minute walk if you walk briskly. If you stop along the way to observe and smell the flowers, it could be more."

The trail offers a six-foot-wide winding path. There are three rustic wooden bridges that arc over low places where water would run and four rustic resting benches.

Local radio station  My Country Y107  is meeting the challenge head on and promoting the campaign — along with First Security Bank, King Graphics and the Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce.

All participants need to do to join the event is register online, keep track of miles online and walk 107 miles between Jan. 1 and April 19. Participation is free. For more information, contact Shellie O’Quinn  at  501-679-6362 or