Presenting another batch of "David Citation" for the interesting, weird or just plain zany in sports:

TOO BAD THE CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT IS NOT IN KATY, TEXAS: Hendrix’s women’s basketball roster this season has the following names: Katy, Kati, Katie, Kaitlin, Caitlin and Cathy. Plus, a Haylee and a Hailey.

AND: Hendrix has two female players from Washington State and two sets of players, who are not sisters, who look alike and could be sisters.

HIGH TECH IN CLAY COUNTY: In making a pitch before the AAA executive board to host a regional tournament, Rector High School representatives emphasized the technology in their gymnasium, stressing the importance of using Twitter and social media.

A SIMPLER WAY OF STATING THAT: The representative from Izard County Consolidated said, "We have Internet and all that crap."

DOWN TO THE BASICS: After failing to get a tournament on a couple of tries, Benton Harmony Grove was awarded one when it promoted that it had 20 stalls in the women’s restroom.

BEST BOWL PREGAME: Fans, students, parents and officials from Baylor and Central Florida worked side-by-side in an event before the Fiesta Bowl to pack 1,800 emergency food boxes for a Phoenix food bank to go the needy and homeless in the area.

BEST USE OF HANDS AND WATER: University of Central Arkansas students washed the feet of some needy residents of Faulkner County before handing out 300 new pairs of shoes as part of their Samaritan’s Feet project.

BEST ANALOGY: A-Rod is baseball’s version of Lance Armstrong.

BEST ANALOGY 1A: Is Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady pro football’s version of Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird?

BEST MONUMENT: Arkansas Razorback basketball coach Mike Anderson said he intends to leave the basketball, which landed in the netting on the top of the scoreboard at Bud Walton Arena clinching a victory over Kentucky, in its resting place on the top of the scoreboard as a monument to the Hogs’ resounding victory over the 13th-ranked Wildcats. He said, "So when people come in here, they’re going to wonder, ‘Is that ball still up there or not.’ That’s what they’re going to ask for years to come. … I think it’s good. I think it’s neat."

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