Statement from the Pope County Sheriff: 

"At approximately 8 am this morning the Pope County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Atkins Police Department, Atkins Fire Department and the Arkansas State Police, responded to a call of a bomb threat written on a wall inside the Atkins Middle School. Students, faculty and staff were immediately relocated to safe and secure location while the investigation was conducted. Pope County Sheriff’s Office investigators conducted interviews, and personnel cleared all hallways, lockers and classrooms in the school. Our investigation determined that no students or school personnel were ever in any imminent danger. Classes resumed a normal schedule at approximately 10 am. The Pope County Sheriff’s Office will turn the case file over to the Prosecuting Attorney to review and determine if charges will be filed. 

Sheriff DuVall would like to express his sincere appreciation to the Atkins School District, and especially Superintendent Mark Gotcher, for their cooperation during our investigation."


Atkins Public Schools are on lockdown as of 10:05 Friday morning.

A representative from the school system told the Log Cabin Democrat that there was a "possible threat to student safety" and authorities are at the school. Students are safe.

A teacher who was with students in a safe room said staff heard there was a possible bomb threat. 

The teachers and students are now back in their classrooms, according to a witness.

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