Year end reports were given at the Greenbrier City Council meeting. Police Chief Gene Earnhart reported his staff of nine officers and five dispatchers handled 2,070 reports, 175 accidents and 12 felony arrests last year.

Superintendent of Streets Lynn Tubbs reported making more than 47 streets improved since 2007. The plan is to finish the south end of Garrett Road this year and three more streets. They have purchased 30 more flags and a new John Deere tractor. They traded for another tractor with a mower and got a four-wheel-drive diesel truck on a trade deal which they will share with the fire department. It is called a "salty dog" and can be used to spread sand and/or salt.

Shellie O’Quinn reported an increase of 1,402 more people who used the City Event Center last year, for a total of 40,002 people. This figure does not include participants attending the average of 22 classes each week.

O’Quinn applied and received two grants totaling $3,500 and plans to apply again for an obesity prevention grant that was denied in 2013. She is also now certified as a personal trainer and plans to have three more available in February. New equipment for the fitness room planned for this year is a tread mill and elliptical training equipment.

President Audreya Cole of the Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce reported on their upcoming events and new members added. The Council acted to renew sponsorship of the Chamber for $6,000 per year.

A request to extend the completion date of the new wastewater treatment facility to July 31 was approved because of inclement weather conditions that have delayed progress.

The council meets the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall.