Roads are slick everywhere in the county, and there have been a lot of crashes tonight, but none very serious according to Sheriff Andy Shock.

Shock said that he’s going to be out helping his deputies tonight. County Judge Allen Dodson was at the road shop watching the weather. The road crews are putting tire chains on their trucks and "waiting for the right window" to start spreading salt and sand.

The county couldn’t pre-treat the roads because of the rain this afternoon. It just washes it off, Dodson said, and if you put down salt while heavy sleet is still falling the sleet just covers it up.

When it looks like the weather is tapering off he’ll send out the trucks, he said.

In Conway no major crashes have been reported, according to Conway Police Department public information officer LaTresha Woodruff. Salem Road between Meadowlake Road and Highway 64/Old Morrilton Highway is closed because of its steepness.

City offices will be closed Monday. 

Local authorities are asking that people try and stay in unless they absolutely have to drive, in which case take it slow and be prepared for possible stranding (blankets and a charged phone would come in handy).