Such enthusiasm and creativity is catching when you are exposed to kids using their young minds to solve challenges.

Thirty-one schools, representing nine school districts in the northern Arkansas region, competed at Greenbrier High School for the Northern Regional Tournament.

Almost 800 students, parents and grandparents devoted their time to cheer on teams of six to seven kids per team as they were given challenges in seven categories.

Through creativity, teamwork and problem solving, the categories included something for the smallest team members — in Kindergarten (called Rising Stars) — to high school. Beyond high school, students sometimes return as a "challenge appraiser."

From the challenge masters, dressed in silly hats, to the parents and grandparents wearing their team’s T-shirts, to the kids themselves, who sparkle with passion for each task, one cannot help but want to join right in their zeal.

This year there were 66 teams vying for the chance to advance to the state tournament on April 5.

Greenbrier entered 15 of those teams, and almost all placed in the upper three spots. The final results of the Tournament are posted on their website,

Forest Heights Middle School, 5901 Evergreen Dr., Little Rock, Ark., will host this year’s state tournament.

DI is an exhilarating after-school activity in which students work in teams to solve mind-bending challenges and then present their solutions at tournaments.

It all leads up to the global finals tournament the weekend of April 21 in Knoxville, Ky., where DI kids from all over the United States and more than 30 countries compete for top honors.

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