Have I mentioned my tendency to simply hibernate during winter? Winter just does not agree with me at all. Frankly, in my opinion, Winter isn’t over until the week after Toad Suck Daze. You know — the last big threat of a near-freezing monsoon. And then it’s summertime. But after the recent ice storm, I’m so happy that Daylight Saving Time is back today. It warms my heart to have an extra hour of sunlight.

New restaurant closed

On to the disappointing news roundup for the week. I blame it all on the cold. The second location of Brick Oven Pizza (next to Tipton Hurst just off East Oak Street) has closed. I’m sure they’re still doing fine at their original location on Hogan Lane. I’m so disappointed for the Tipton Hurst building. It shouldn’t be half-empty again in such a short time. I’m still a little heartbroken over the former occupant, Oak Street Bistro. Whoever opens there next had better think long and hard about it. It has the potential to be a great location with the right tenant in place.

Something happening

It appears there is some type of demolition going on at the old movie theater. I would love to be able to tell you more, but I have not been able to get near any humans having anything to do with it.

I’ve also done some more checking on the construction happening at the building where Casa Mariachi was formerly located. That location suffered from a lack of humans as well.

In case you were wondering

Speaking of Casa Mariachi, it turns out Cactus Jack’s has karaoke every Thursday night. I know they are not the only place, but I mention it for two reasons, the first being that some people were sad when Casa Mariachi closed because they liked the karaoke there. The second reason for bringing it up is my husband and I were invited to karaoke at Cactus Jack’s recently with some of his coworkers. It was amusing to watch.

If you know me, you know I don’t do karaoke. Not even a little. I thought one member of the group was going to try to coerce me into a duet, but somehow I managed to escape that.

I’ll leave you with that image of me somewhat uncomfortably squirming at karaoke. Have a great week.

(Rachel Parker Dickerson is a freelance columnist/journalist. Send your questions and comments to rachelpdickerson@gmail.com)