Step into my den, pull up a comfy chair and a cup of tea and let’s chat.

Arts in March in the Fine Arts Building was so impressive that I am devoting a full page of photos to it. You may view more at I am always amazed at the spontaneous creativity of today’s youngsters and an art show of this huge proportion does not even begin to showcase all the untapped resources that our bright youth give to us. If you are ever feeling sorry for yourself or feel you have too much time to brood, go visit one of our schools. I wish every person could observe children in action each day in their classrooms. You might even ask if you can volunteer to be a helping "grandma" or "grandpa" in one of the elementary schools. Many children need additional reading or math help that you might be able to provide.

The GFUMC rummage sale on Saturday brought the usual early rummagers in like a stampede first and then a steady trickle of shoppers all morning. So far, eight people are signed up to go on the mission trip to Beverly, Ky., to the Red Bird Mission to help paint and fix up and repair what needs to be done in this Appalachian area. If a working trip like this sounds like fun to you June 1-7, call the church for more details, 501-679-2452.

It is nice to see a new business now open where the past two Mexican restaurants have gone. Located across from McDonald’s, just behind Regions Bank in that small shopping center is Yesteryears Café and Bakery. Stop in to see them.

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