Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Vehicle break-in at 10 block of Sunrise Drive.

A resident reported that at some point between late Sunday night and Monday morning a thief or thieves entered a vehicle through unknown means and stole a Horton Nitro crossbow with an Aimpoint optic sight and two Bone Collector arrows.

• Criminal mischief at 2300 block of College Avenue and 300 block of Oak Street.

A vandal slashed all four tires of a truck parked at Conway Regional Medical Center between 4 and 5 p.m. on Monday, and just after Midnight, early Wednesday morning, two vandals slashed all four tires of a vehicle in a Wendy’s parking lot.

• Found property at South German Lane and Dave Ward Drive.

A resident noticed a set of keys in the turn lane of South German Lane and picked them up and took them to the police station. There’s a Buick keyless entry "clicker" on the keyring.

• Impeding the flow of traffic at 2300 block of Prince Street.

An officer saw a vehicle parked not quite all the way off the road on Prince Street at about 4:20 a.m. on Tuesday. Because traffic was having to slow down and go around it, the officer called for a tow truck. Before the tow truck got there, the vehicle’s driver walked up and told the officer that he’d run out of gas and walked to find an open gas station to call for help.

When the wrecker arrived, the vehicle’s owner "attempted to work something out with the wrecker service on dropping the car or a short tow to the gas station for cheaper, but the driver of the wrecker stated he could not do anything about the cost and would impound the vehicle."