Hi son, how is everything in Heaven? I know you’re in good hands now, I know Jesus is taking good care of you.

Son, we miss you on this side. It’s not that we want you to come back or anything, because I know that once you get to Heaven no one ever thinks about coming back to this side. Your Mother and sisters, Dionne and Mona; your nephews, JT, Deondre, and Braden; and your nieces, Chandler and Iyona all are doing good. But we all miss you, we miss seeing your face, we miss your smile, and I miss your sense of humor. But I know one day we will all be together again as one big happy family, and nothing can and will not separate us again ... in Jesus’ name, AMEN.

Son, I can only imagine what it’s like in Heaven, the things you are doing with Jesus, worshiping and praising Him all day long. It’s got to be so beautiful to do that face to face with Him!

Once again, I know you are OK but I do miss you so much. I know we came from God and one day we are going back to Him, but I just didn’t think you would go back so young and before me.

I know God is in control and He knew what He was doing when He called you home on July 3rd, 2003. My son, one day I will be there with you, walking the streets of gold. Son, I can only imagine what that would be like. You and me walking and talking and praising God forever and ever.

It gets hard down here sometimes but you know, I will be so glad when Jesus comes back and takes us (His people) out of this world and takes us to Heaven. You see, that’s what this letter is all about: to let people know that one day we all are going to to leave this earth. So be ready when Jesus calls.

Just like you, son, so many have left here young and old, saved and unsaved. I thank God you were saved before you died so I can be able to see you again. I know I will see you because I am saved also. Guess what, my brothers and sisters, if you have someone who has already died and you know they were saved and you are saved, you WILL see them again and live forever and ever in Heaven with Jesus. I just want to make it plain, where everybody can understand that Jesus really loves them and wants them in Heaven with Him.

If you are not saved, if you’ve never asked Jesus to save you, if you’ve never given your life to Jesus, DO SO TODAY! If you don’t, don’t expect to get into Heaven because the one you’re giving life to (Jesus) is the only way to Heaven. He is the door to get into Heaven, AMEN.

The motive behind my writing is to invite people to Christ. I’m not doing this to be seen or to be bragged on. I just love seeing people give their life to Christ!

Some of you may think that I am crazy talking to my son like this, but it doesn’t matter what people may think about me. What really matters is are you saved? Are you ready to stand before God? So many of us take being saved lightly. Believe me, that’s not a subject that should be taken lightly. Just think about the real you, your spirit man, it’s also called your soul. Just think where it’s going to spend eternity when you die. It’s going to either be in Heaven or Hell, so just stop and think hard about that. My brothers and sisters, the bottom line is asking Jesus to come into your heart. Give your life to Him. Do it right now — if you die this very minute and you haven’t given your life to Jesus you will never have another chance to get to Heaven. So many have died and wished they had another chance at Heaven. Don’t be one of them who have died and opened up their eyes in Hell and then all of a sudden wished they had given their life to Jesus. Forgive me if I sound so hard on some of you but this eternal life is a serious thing. Where you spend it is up to you. AMEN

(Marcus Chandler can be contacted at mchandler2011@hotmail.com or 501-908-9507.)