Step into my den, pull up a comfy chair and a cup of tea and let’s chat.

It is always fun for me to cover stories for the paper. Hobnobbing with politicians, business people, students and educators made my Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce awards banquet really special as I photographed all that I could. Four of my very favorite people and businesses won trophies. Remember to go to to view my "work," along with the really fun Liverpool Legends show I also attended this week. What a week!

It was also a pleasure to meet our new publisher, Zach Ahrens, who came on board in January and now has his family here from Ohio in their new home. A "Meet and Greet" is scheduled for him Thursday, April 10, from 4-6 p.m. at the Log Cabin office, 1111 Main St., (in the old post office building). Come and welcome him to Arkansas and let him know what you need in your paper.

Reservations for the very special Passover meal hosted by Mustard Seed Church on April 19 at 6 p.m. are essential, because the hall is small and they need a count. The dinner is inspired from the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and will be three courses: matzo soup, lemon-rosemary roasted chicken, carrot raisin salad, green beans, brownies and a Seder plate. Come and learn how this special three-course meal relates to the Easter season. This celebration meal is at 2201 Washington Ave., Conway, and is free. Call 501-339-7401.

Greenbrier clean-up week is in full swing. The huge dumpster is in place behind City Hall until April 11. This is only a twice yearly event, so be sure to take advantage of it. It’s free.

I ran into Judge Allen Dodson at the Chamber banquet who reminded me to tell you about Code Red. This is an emergency weather notification system available to our county residents simply by going on-line or phoning. I wrote about this in a feature for The Log Cabin on July 1, 2011, when the City of Greenbrier decided to join this county program instead of replacing old sirens that were not working or could not be heard. I signed up for this free service then and have been happy to get a phone call of early warnings when tornados or severe storms are coming into my area. It is easy to sign up. Either register online at or call the Office of Emergency Management at 501-450-4935. The beauty of this system is you can put in more than one phone number, and it can also be used for government emergencies by specific locations (even down to your street number) for such things as a gas leak, a boil order, evacuations or a lost person. Help yourself and your family to be safer now that our season for storms approaches.

The Companions Spay/Neuter Clinic is holding its monthly vaccination day Saturday, April 26, from 1-3 p.m. (not April 19 as previously reported). The cost is minimal for all the vaccines and rabies tag your dog or cat will need to comply with city laws and good health. A full staff of veterinarians helps on these special days, and they never turn away someone who arrives during those times. You owe your pet good care. Be at 589 Highway 65 in Springhill that day.

’Til next time ...

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