75 years ago


At a meeting of the Central Parent-Teachers Association Tuesday the following officers were installed at an impressive ceremony by Mrs. J.H. Pence: President, Mrs. J.B. Doty; vice president, Mrs. R.E. Speaker; secretary, Mrs. Sam Adkisson; and treasurer, Mrs. Carl E. Heizman. The meeting was opened by group singing by the fifth and sixth grades pupils of Mrs. C.E. McNutt.

50 years ago


John W. Coleman, principal of Conway Junior High School, last week was recognized for his outstanding work in the community in the interest of young people. He was presented an award by J.S. Mattingly Jr., on behalf of the Optimist Club. Coleman was cited especially for creating interest in a recent oratorical contest.

25 years ago


Darren Hawkins of Mount Vernon and Travis Burchfield of Wooster were among the newest members initiated into Gamma Sigma Delta, the collegiate honor society of agriculture.

Both are seniors at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville College of Agriculture and Home Economics.

Hawkins is an education major and Burchfield is a business major.

10 years ago


Second-time competitor David Gwatney of Conway won the 2004 Stuck-on-a-Truck competition after staying awake for more than 79 hours.

Gwatney outlasted second-place contestant Casey Kucera and third-place contestant Shane Wood. Gwatney cited his family and friends as being his reason for staying on so long. Physically, Gwatney felt fine but his mental state had swayed, like many contestants.

"I feel like everybody is staring at me," said Gwatney. "For a while, I felt like I was in a petting zoo."