Jon Patrom is Retail Sales and Marketing Officer for First Service Bank at their main branch in Greenbrier. He recently accepted a special honor from Dr. Angie Betancourt, assistant principal of Eastside Elementary School, for the special work he has done for the bank in promoting literacy in the community.

The Greenbrier branch of First Service is an active partner of the Greenbrier School District. For the bank’s 50th anniversary, Patrom decided to do something special for the community. He collaborated with Martin & Wilbourn Advertising Agency and multiple writers to create and publish a book with custom characters, Franklin Cents and his little sister Sammy. Last year the book was given to each first grade student to take home with them to celebrate. Employees from the bank visited each first grade classroom in Greenbrier to read the book and give a free copy. More than 3,000 books were also given to schools in Conway, Clinton, Shirley, Mountain View, Flippin, Yellville, Marshall and Dermott.

It is an interactive, educational and fun resource designed specifically for kids where they can color a picture, solve a puzzle or learn about saving and how to make their money grow. First Service Bank is the one on Highway 65 flying the biggest flag in town at 134 Broadview.

This first book is not just a one-time deal. Patrom has decided to create more books based on Franklin Cents and Sammy and centered on life principles. The first book was all about the principle of giving. The next book will focus on how to deal with a life change. Patrom said, "Children have fallen in love with the characters and are intrigued with how the characters will manage their money next." With the help of his sister, Franklin will plant a garden in the new book. Patrom hopes to illustrate how to deal with problems that will arise in life when children plant seeds in their gardens and how to make them grow.

First Service Bank started Johnny Appleseed accounts for newborns to age 18 last year and has a Kids Corner on their web site at