75 years ago


Mrs. Henry Woodward of Conway has planted in her garden again this year okra seed which she saved from year to year for 51 years. The original seeds were brought to the Marcus Hill community by Mrs. Woodward from Lawrence County, Tenn., in 1888. They grew on a farm on which was born J.W. Purtle of near Conway, who brought samples of the seed to the Log Cabin Democrat office today.

50 years ago


Glenda Dear of Greenbrier was elected a vice president of state Future Homemakers of America this week at Russellville. Approximately 450 delegates attended the annual event.

25 years ago


Three boys from the Weatherford family of Conway made a clean sweep of honors last weekend at the YMCA Kids Triathlon in Alexandria, La.

John Weatherford, 16, won the 13-16 division in 20:22. Events consisted of a 100-yard swim, a 1 1/2-mile run and a 5-mile bike ride.

Will Weatherford, 12, won the 9-12 division in 17:56. That consisted of a 50-yard swim, a 1-mile run and a 2 1/2-mile bike ride.

Paul Weatherford, 8, won the 8-and-under division in 9:23. Those events were a 25-yard swim, a half-mile run and a 1 1/2-mile bike ride.

10 years ago


John D. Conville of Conway was recently master certified as a Ford Mercury sales manager.