At the regularly scheduled Greenbrier City Council meeting, councilmen voted unanimously to demolish the structure at 14 Douglas St., with a resolution to give the owner/owners 30 days before the city will take action.

City Attorney Dustin Chapman said, "We have not been able to determine who owns this property so we will not only publish in the newspaper, but we will post a notice on the structure as well."

The Council also voted to set up a unified and more formal command center for emergency and disaster preparedness in the city. Police Chief Gene Earnhart said, "I have already been talking with our fire chief, Cody Fulmer, and it is pretty clear that they will handle the search/rescue efforts with MEMS first while we handle the traffic control. Of course, we can call on the Sheriff's Department, state police and neighboring cities if we need them. And the Office of Emergency Management is always available too."

Councilman Mark Hardin said, "The fire department and police work really well together in Greenbrier."

Many mentioned the last tornado to hit Greenbrier was July 4, 1996; but this resolution is an effort to solidify and organize a disaster plan more formally with a designated command center.

Tim Tyler reported the new waste water treatment plant is nearing completion with the concrete pouring finished and the inside hardware to run the plant under way.

They have had problems with keeping the rain out and wore out two pumps keeping it clear recently.

Tyler said, "We still have a big ol’ pile of dirt to get rid of, so we might have to ask for an extension on our lease until October until we have a place to put all that dirt."

The Greenbrier City Council meets the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall.