Good morning, God. I come to You in the name of Jesus first thanking You for blessing me and my family to see another day. For this is a day that You have made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. God I love You. I believe Jesus is your Son and I confess Him right now as my Lord and Savior, the Risen Savior. And I thank You, Jesus, that by your stripes I am healed.

My brothers and sisters, no one can tell my story about me but me. When I tell you about my testimony it’s not that I’m bragging or looking back and thinking how good my past was. It may seem like they were good times when I was out playing around in the world, listening and doing everything the devil told me to do but now I realize that I was living a dangerous lifestyle. A lifestyle that could have taken me to an early grave, a lifestyle that was planned out by the devil to kill me. That old lifestyle of drinking from sunrise to sunset could have taken me out of here but Jesus showed me the difference. I asked Him to take it away from me and He did, just as I asked.

So many people today young and old, boys and girls, are hooked on drugs and alcohol. They think that will solve their problems and pain. You see, I thought the same things but all I was doing was feeding my flesh poisons and that’s just what drugs and alcohol are. Once again, Jesus brought me out and He can do the same for you, take it from a used to be alcoholic. But now I am a new creature in Jesus!

We always hear about a woman selling her body for money and other stuff such as drugs and alcohol, we call them a prostitute. But how many of you know that a man can be a prostitute also? I know, I was one back when I stayed in Kansas City, Mo. The girls would always pay me to be with them, they paid me money, drugs and alcohol. You see, that’s the same thing a woman does and we call them prostitutes. But Jesus brought me out and I give Him all the glory. I’m not saying it’s okay to do this because it’s wrong, it’s a sin.

Back in the days there was a time when I use to fight at the drop of a hat. I didn’t take no mess from no one, I had a fighting demon in me especially when you talked about my Momma (it’s also called "playing a dozen"). Boy I tell you, the fight was on then. You know what? I never did understand why we fought when someone talked about our Mother! You can just say "your Momma" or "your grandmother" and boy you had a fight on your hands and someone was going to lose and it wasn’t going to be me! Now I recognize that it was that fighting demon in me. I didn’t understand this, but when they said something about our daddy’s we will just turn and walk away. But Jesus took that old fighting demon out of me, THANK YOU JESUS. And He can do the same if you ask Him!

There are just some things hard for me to talk about in this article. Some of you are saying why is that Minister airing his dirty laundry like that? (putting his stuff in the street) I’m doing this to help someone to not go down the paths I went down, you see, I’ve come too far to turn back and live like I used to live back then. And if I can in anyway I want to encourage someone not to do the things I did back then. I want everyone to know what I share with you comes straight from my heart and I also want to let you know what I was doing was wrong and what’s so bad about it, I did it in the sight of God. God forgive me. As I close, I know God forgave me. He did not give up on me and I know He won’t give up on you. Just make Jesus your Lord and Savior. Repent of your sins and be baptized.

Before I leave you I want to give a shout out to Conway Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and to Whitney Johnson and her crew. I want to thank them for doing a great job at the rehabilitation center for taking good care of the patients. And also to the Salem Nursing Home and to LaRhonda Edmond and her crew. I just want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing because God has a blessing for you and I mean ALL of you who are in the nursing home line of work. AMEN.

I’m asking you brothers and sisters, don’t sit on your testimony because it could help someone to turn to Jesus.

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