Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Vehicle break-ins at Muscadine Lane and Blustery Way.

A thief or thieves got into two cars at addresses more-or-less next to one another and stole a purse with about $1,700 cash money and some debit/credit cards in it and a Garmin Nuvi GPS from the other — and also rummaged around the glove box strew things around this car. In both instances the cars were probably left unlocked.

• Vehicle break-ins at Chrysler Cove, Crawford Loop and Millwood Drive.

A thief or thieves got into two cars in the same general area on Chrysler Cove and Crawford Loop, stealing textbooks, a MacBook Pro, a backpack and what is described as a toiletry bag from one and cell phone charger and a wallet with some credit/debit cards from the other. Also in the general area on Millwood Drive a thief or vandal broke the back window of someone’s van.

• Residential burglary at 1500 block of East German Lane.

At some point between Wednesday night and Thursday morning a thief or thieves got into a house, probably by jimmying the lock, and took a Sony Playstation 4 game box and the Watchdogs game.

• Residential burglary at Covewood Drive.

At some point on Thursday a burglar/vandal got into home, smashed up some perfume, urinated on a bed, and stole a NexusVII tablet computer and a Springfield XD handgun chambered in 9mm.

• Attempted residential burglary (?) at 2800 block of Garden Walk Lane.

At some point on Friday a putative burglar or lunatic kicked in a door but didn’t seem to have actually gotten into the house.

• Residential burglary at 3900 block of Ledbetter Drive.

A resident reported that at some point on Friday a burglar got into his home, probably because his roommate left the door unlocked, and took a Nintendo Wii and an Xbox 360 and an Ithica shotgun and youth-sized shotgun, both 20-gauge.

• Vehicle break-in at 198 Commerce Road.

At some point on Saturday night a putative thief or a vandal or lunatic smashed the window of a car with a rock, and also apparently went after the door a few times with the rock. Nothing was stolen form the car.

• Vehicle break-in at 1300 block of Byron Drive.

At some point between Friday night and Saturday morning a thief or thieves got into a vehicle, rummaged around, and stole a wallet and a Deall Lattitude computer.

• Vehicle break-in at 1900 block of Hallous Street.

At some point between Friday night and Saturday a thief or thieves got into two vehicles left unlocked in an open garage and stole a $500 Coach bag, about $140 cash money, the key to a motorcycle, a gold necklace with locket, a Michael Kors-branded watch and about $200 worth of clothes.

• Mystery broken window at 2700 block of Dave Ward Drive.

At some point on Saturday somebody broke the window of a car — and then cleaned up all the glass. Nothing was missing. There’s no way to understand it, according to the report.

• Theft of property at 530 South Donaghey Avenue (The Edge Apartments club house/business office).

Early Thursday evening a man described as a  black male wearing a grey shirt and red gym shorts. The surveillance camera caught the theft and another camera got the license plate number of the car the thief left in.

• Lost or stolen ring during amateur gymnastics at 2915 Dave Ward Drive (Gusano’s pizza restaurant and bar).

Late Friday night and early Saturday morning a woman took off her $3,500 engagement ring and gave it to her fiancé to hold while she did flips and cartwheels and such. Then somebody decided that the fiancé needed to try a cartwheel, and he gave the ring to another woman to hold, and then this woman decided to do a cartwheel and gave the ring to somebody else. And so on. By the end of it nobody knew who was supposed to have the ring or where it was at or why.

• Bicycle thievery at 1900 block or Erback Street.

A resident reported on Friday that three youngsters were rolling down South Davis with what appeared to be her stolen Huffy beach cruiser bicycle. The report doesn’t say how the three were riding the beach cruiser (one may have been on the pedals and the other on the handle bars). The beach cruiser was later found by the Gulf station on Dave Ward Drive, apparently abandoned after the chain slipped off the sprocket.