Two fine young men, Shawn Howard and Tyrus Chaknine, both age 16, stepped up to help lighten the load for a baseball coach this season and one of the mothers thought they deserved special recognition for their loyalty and dedication with age 12 and under young players.

Coach Scott Adamson volunteered early in the season so teams would have only 10 kids instead of 15 on a team. Coach Scott works full time and has four children of his own, each who play sports in different divisions that take place at different places and different times. Yet he still sacrificed his time and seeing his own children play to coach kids who might not have gotten to play otherwise.

Chaknine, who is now a senior at GHS, had worked with some of the kids during the winter. At Coach Scott's urging, he agreed to be Assistant Coach and pick up the slack when Coach Scott had to work or needed to travel with one of his own children. This was a big job for a young man to volunteer to work with 12-year-olds. He then convinced Howard, who had a brother on the team, to join him.

These two young men made it to every practice except when Howard had a track meet. They not only taught the 10 boys on the team about baseball but how to love the game, be responsible, work hard and be good team players. The team took second place in their first tournament and won almost all of their league games; but it’s not the winning that makes moms and dads so proud. It is the time, love, work and effort that coaches, boys and parents put forth.

A mother, Susan Beshears, thought their efforts were so special that she wrote The Log Cabin about them, saying, "It’s a wonderful thing these two young men are doing for younger boys. Not only do they spend much of their time at the fields with the boys but they go eat with the team after games on Friday nights when I’m sure they would much rather be doing something else. They post pictures of themselves with the boys on their personal social media and they have built a personal relationship with the boys. They are teachers, coaches, supporters, encouragers, and still in high school. Our children are so lucky to have such good young men as role models in their lives."