In today’s society we spend numerous amounts of money hoping to ensure our future. We have access to a verity of retirement accounts from which to choose; we have life insurance policies with different terms for all ages. Time is spent doing researching for a reputable company and agent to ensure we are receiving the best available plans we can find. We spend time reading all of the fine print and many times we get others involved in the process who have the products we are looking to invest in.

In many cases we are willing to sacrifice our current desires to make sure our future is secure. If we can’t go out to dinner every night, no problem, we are investing in the future. We don’t mind adjusting our budgets or making cut backs to invest in our future needs.

Sometimes we are not able to invest in policies for retirement or life insurance due to our socioeconomic statuses. Not having a retirement plan or a life insurance policy will cause you and possibly your family to struggle once you retire or pass but it will not completely ruin your future.

Saving money to live on after you retire is a wise decision. Not having to rely on anyone to support you financially helps you feel less of a burden. Having a life insurance policy will lighten the load on family who will handle you final arrangements. What an awesome and responsible decision it is to invest in your future.

So now that you are set for retirement and your final arrangement are covered what now? Again I ask, are you secure. Do you know where you will reside after you leave this earthly body? Have you made the necessary preparations to live life eternal?

The same effort and time we put into making sure our future is secure while we reside here on Earth we should be putting into ensuring our future is secure when we leave these earthly bodies. If you are not sure about your future, God has agents here on earth who give us instructions on how to have a secure future. He has also given us a manual we are to use as our guide to live by. Understand it is imperative that we make sure the agents we rely on are following the Masters Instruction Manuel. Not following the policy instructions could cause us to miss out on a future; which has been promised to us by God, Life Eternal.