Long-gone neighborhood grocery stores, shotgun houses and the early Ku Klux Klan in Faulkner County are just a few of the interesting subjects addressed in the fall 2014 issue of the Faulkner County Historical Society’s journal, Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings. The issue is now available at the Faulkner County Library on Tyler Street and at the Faulkner County Museum. The cost is still just $4 for this publication that continues to delve into Faulkner County’s history.

One article is by local author and historian Bill Thomas that relates the history of one of Conway’s favorite small diners, The Little Shoe (also known as Ma Tucker’s), which served countless citizens from International Shoe Factory workers to businessmen and college students for many years. Thomas also writes of some of the dozens of neighborhood groceries that existed until the 1970s. Also included is Faulkner County native Dr. Doug Heffington’s piece about his research on shotgun houses and how the building style is exhibited in the county. Museum Director Lynita Langley-Ware writes about the entertaining and educational summer activities at the museum.

Article titles and authors are "Shotgun Houses: African Imprint on the Local Landscape?," by Dr. Doug Heffington; "The Little Shoe," by Bill Thomas; "Palmer’s Grocery and Bait Shop and Other Neighborhood Groceries From My Memory," by Bill Thomas; and "The Ku Klux Klan in Faulkner County, 1921-1924," by Dr. Kenneth C. Barnes.

The society’s major function is, in cooperation with the Faulkner County Museum, to promote the discovery, preservation and dissemination of any material which may help to establish and/or illustrate the history of the county and its cities, towns, villages and institutions.

The Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings has been published for over 50 years and has won awards in recent years.

Vivian Lawson Hogue serves as editor. County residents are invited to join the Faulkner County Historical Society for $20 a year. Send checks along with name and address to P.O. Box 731, Conway AR 72033.

Each member will receive the fall and spring issues of the journal. The society is developing a website that will enhance the availability of information about the society’s purpose and activities. For more information call 733-9407 or email judyc@conwaycorp.net.