Christian friends I greet you in the name of Jesus. No other name is greater than the name Jesus: our Lord and our Savior. Titles such as President of the USA or CEO of a major corporation are highly influential and deservedly celebrated. The President concerns himself with the wellbeing of millions of American citizens. However, as great as this work is Heaven does not revere the title President as much as it does the title Servant. A CEO provides opportunities to countless people and is a wonderful title but it loses its luster when Heaven compares it to the title Servant. Luke 22:26 says, the one who is the greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader like the servant. The title Servant is the greatest title.

The title Servant is a high title. Some people have a tendency to consider servant hood as a lowly position one of weakness. It is not lowly or weak. A Servant loves and is kind. Only love and kindness can motivate someone to serve others. A servant is strong. It takes strength to put others before you. Jesus was a Servant. He came to serve by making life better for us all. Mark 10:45 says, For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. He did it for His friends and foes. He put others before Himself. He became poor that we might be rich. Jesus was our example. We are servants also. Jesus pleased God by being a Servant. We also seek to please God by our servant hood.

Nothing can hinder us from being a Servant. Any person of any race, gender, status in life, or religious affiliation can be a servant. A servant does not let earthly differences prevent them from being a servant. Earthly similarities are not enough to earn the title Servant in Heaven. We are Servants because of the Blood of Jesus. The Blood of Jesus saves us all regardless of who we are or what we have. Therefore, we serve others in identical manner: impartiality. We are servants to any that are in need. The greatest need that everyone has is Jesus. We serve Jesus to people on a daily basis. We serve Jesus by displaying kindness and love to others. We serve Jesus by putting others needs in front of ourselves. We serve Jesus by doing good to others and sometimes shortening ourselves for their sake: just as Jesus did.

We earn the title Servant in Heaven by our kindness, love, helping others and by putting others in front of ourselves. It is the greatest title because we are able to be a servant without degrees, money or specialized training. We can serve without being a particular sex, race, or religion affiliation. We can serve at home, church, stores, work, or wherever we may be at the time.

May the God of Glory keep you for an eternity.