The Conway Sanitation Department expanded its plastic program to include planter pots, buckets, yogurt containers or anything that has a recycle number on it (No. 1-7) that will fit in a blue recycle bin.

"We currently accept all numbers of plastic 1-7, which is a change from the No. 1- and No. 2-only plastics that we formerly took," Recycling Coordinator Angie Howard said, adding that toys are the exception because they typically contain many kinds of plastic. "We are currently collecting over one ton of 3-7 plastics every week. This is a huge benefit for extending the lifespan of our landfill."

The department is also promoting its polystyrene (Styrofoam) recycling program.

"We accept food grade as long as it is clean, and we would like the polystyrene to be bagged separately to keep it clean and so we can capture it," Howard said. "If it’s not bagged, it can get lost in the stream of other co-mingled recycling."

Howard said a little ink on the Styrofoam, such as a restaurant logo, is acceptable, but colored Styrofoam is not.

The department reported receiving about three times more Styrofoam than this time last year, and looks to continue expanding.

Howard said the department is working updated inserts for all residential and commercial Conway Corporation customers that she hopes will be sent out during the May billing cycle.

"It will be an updated comprehensive guide to keep as to what can and cannot go into the recycling bin," Howard said. "We did this last year, and it proved to be very helpful to our customers according to feedback we received."

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