Should all law enforcement officers be required to wear body cameras as part of the standard uniform?

• Yes. Then it covers them as well as the individual.

— Ben Comer

• Probably a good idea for their protection as well as others. Michelle Davis

• Unfortunately, it looks like that would be best.

— DeAnna Osborne

• Wearing cameras is kind of like being defensive in an argument. All can be modified and faked to suit whomever. If we keep this up, we will be in a situation that requires everyone to be armed and trained.

— Travis Bradford

• If the cameras will benefit them, then I am for whatever they need to get the job done. I think more research needs to be done and statistics will determine if cameras are needed, instead of politics determining the outcome.

— Glenda Gore

• I believe that all law enforcement officers should be required to wear body cameras as part of the standard uniform . A number of police agencies across the country have already had officers wearing body cameras or were on the verge of rolling them out when President Barack Obama last year announced his intention to dramatically increase the number of cops with the recording devices, in the wake of police distrust evoked by the events in Ferguson, Missouri. The array of privacy issues posed by the devices means their deployment has to pair with the creation of a more comprehensive policy that protects the rights of officers by limiting who can access the footage. Pablo Rodriguez