The Arkansas River at Toad Suck Ferry Lock and Dam is forecast to re-enter the major flood stage, 280 feet, at 6 p.m. Tuesday and remain in that stage until late Wednesday, when the National Weather Service of Little Rock predicts it will lower to 279.8 feet, the moderate flood stage.

The river was at 279.5 feet at 11:30 a.m. Monday, the latest observed data available at press time.

In its flood warning reissued for the area shortly before 10 a.m. Monday, the NWS stated that "moderate flooding is occurring and major flooding is forecast," even though the forecast indicates no rain until a 50 percent on Saturday.

"Due to upstream releases in Oklahoma, the river will rise to near 280.1 feet by Tuesday evening," the warning reads in part. "… Portions of the Treasure Hills subdivision north of Conway may be flooded from backwaters of East Cadron Creek. Several roads west of Mayflower, including Jones Lane, Easterwood Point [Road], Sand Gap [Road], Raney Pavillion [Road] and Windsong Way, will be inundated."

Authorities advise caution, telling drivers that if there is water on the road, take an alternate route.

"A lot of people have lost their lives because they thought the water on the road wasn’t very deep," Laurie Driver, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spokesman, said. "Water is very powerful. If the roads are flooded, turn around."

Look for more flood coverage in Wednesday’s edition.

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