Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A. is the largest, most comprehensive eye-care clinic in Conway and Faulkner County and the only eye-care clinic in Faulkner County that has the expertise to diagnose and manage retinal problems. The team of doctors and staff at Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A. provides patients a superior health care experience in a comfortable environment.

"Our clinic has served Conway and Faulkner County for 45 years, making it the longest-practicing eye care clinic in the city," said Dr. Stephen K. Magie. "Although our name has changed recently because of a transition in ownership, our goals and services have not. We aim to offer every patient who walks through our doors an excellent experience – from the front desk check-in to when they see our physicians and providers."


The team of physicians at Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A., which includes both ophthalmologists and optometrists, can provide a complete spectrum of eye-care services.

These services range from routine eye examinations – such as contact lens exams – to procedures that are more complex: eyelid or cataract surgery; treatment of eye injuries and infections; and glaucoma laser treatments.


Ophthalmologists specialize in medical and surgical eye problems. These doctors deal with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye and can perform operations on eyes, including cataract surgery and retinal surgery.

Ophthalmologic physicians at Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A. include Stephen K. Magie, M.D.; Melanie F. Smith, M.D.; and Justin W. Charton, M.D. Retinal specialist William T. Mabrey, M.D. will still be available for appointments at Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A.


Optometrists are licensed medical professionals who are trained to prescribe and fit lenses to improve vision. They can also diagnose and treat various eye diseases. Jeffrey J. Strossner, O.D., and B. Scott Koontz, O.D., are the optometric physicians on staff in Conway.

They complete Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A.’s eye-care team by providing comprehensive primary eye care, including routine exams, contact lenses, glasses and medical eye care.

Full-Service Optical Shop

Individuals in need of prescription eyewear can find a large selection of popular, name-brand frames, sunglasses and safety wear at Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A.’s full-service optical shop.

A licensed optician on staff can help customers choose a frame that best suits their needs.

The optical shop can also repair or adjust frames. For contact lens wearers, Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A. carries a large inventory of contacts to fit most visual needs and lifestyles.

About Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A.

J.J. Magie, M.D., founded Magie Eye Clinic in September 1970. At the time, he was the only ophthalmologist on staff, and the clinic had only a couple of employees. His son, Dr. Stephen Magie, eventually joined his staff as an ophthalmologist, and in 1986, the clinic moved from Caldwell Street to its current location at 924 Main Street.

The clinic now has 45 employees, and the owners plan to expand the practice into surrounding communities in the coming years. Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A. is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

All doctors are accepting new patients and welcome entire families. To schedule an appointment at Magie Smith Charton Eye Clinic, P.A., call 501-327-4444.