The University of Central Arkansas could offer women’s beach volleyball as a sport beginning the 2016-2017 school year.

The UCA Board of Trustees will vote on adding women’s beach volleyball as a sport during its regular meeting at 10 a.m. Friday in Wingo Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

It will also consider a contract with Fureigh Heavy Construction of Conway to construct three beach volleyball courts for $319,850. The original bid of $343,000 was reduced by removing all fencing from the project.

The same courts would be used for the intramural sports program.

The UCA athletic department studied the feasibility of adding women’s beach volleyball, which would be played in March and April and not conflict with regular volleyball season, according to the board’s meeting agenda.

"Beach volleyball is one of the fastest growing NCAA sports, and three institutions in the Southland Conference are beginning the sport this academic year," the agenda states.

Adding the sport will require hiring an assistant volleyball and supplementing the head volleyball coach’s salary.

"There will also be additional expenses for such items as travel and equipment; however, the revenue from the NCAA and the additional students who participate is projected to exceed the actual expenses," the agenda states.

The agenda noted a need to offer additional sports for female students.

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