Just another happy day

Police were called to a fast food restaurant the afternoon of Jan. 6 about a person there making a scene.

An ex-employee had come into the business to pick up her final paycheck, the reporting officer was told. "During the time she was waiting to get her check she started yelling and cursing about getting her check and asking where the checks were," the report stated. She also, per the report, began to cause a problem with a particular employee of the business. This had been a problem since the woman had been fired, of her coming back into the restaurant and causing problems, the manager told the reporting officer.

In the past this went as far as the woman, whose age was given as 19, brining in three or so guy friends and yelling that she was going to fight the specific employee who was the target of her wrath. The woman had left by the time officers arrived, as had the employee she’d been picking on.

The manager was issued a report number.

Troubled mind

Officers were called to an area apartment complex the night of Jan. 6. A woman there was causing a problem. She was, the officers were told, running around in the complex’s parking lot, in her nightgown, screaming.

When officers arrived they quickly found a woman.

She had gone into the roadway, per the report, and stepped in front of a car. The car stopped and she got in it, much to the confusion and consternation of the two men who were already in the car, whom she did not know and did not know her.

Shortly after that officers found the woman’s family, who lived in the complex. She was staying with them, they told the officers, but had been a problem, including her screaming at them and getting up in the middle of the night to do so. While the officers were speaking with the family, the 21 year old woman continued to yell at both officers and family.

She then told the officers that the two men she’d gotten in the car with were going to take her back to her home in a nearby community. The men in the car had a chance to speak with the officers, telling them they were going to do no such thing and didn’t know the woman.

The woman said she had to leave because Satan was in her family, and due to her having Jesus they couldn’t stand her being in the house. After telling the officers this she began packing her things, telling them she was going to the hospital and her grandmother would come there and pick her up. (Apparently the woman walked off.) The officers left the area, a short while later getting another 911 call. Two woman explained a woman had come up to them, told them people were trying to kill her and asking for help. Her story kept changing, they told police, the report stated.

The officers went to where the women who made the call were, and shortly afterward found the woman who had flagged them down.

They took her into custody, taking her to jail to hold for a mental health evaluation.

Sing the runner electric

It was nearly 2 a.m. Jan. 7 when an officer on patrol spotted an SUV pulling out of a bank parking lot. Due to the late hour, the officer turned and began following the truck. The officer noted the SUV, as he followed it, was doing a not-great job of driving sure and true, but was not driving so crooked as to cross any highway markings. He continued to follow the truck, calling in its license, plate, which came back to a Conway address.

Soon the SUV turned into some apartments, which were the address reflected in the registration. And right about here it started getting interesting. The officer continued to follow the SUV into the parking lot, at which point the SUV went through the parking lot at "an accelerated speed," per the report. The officer continued his watch, then saw the SUV pull into a parking spot - poorly. As it pulled it its bumper hit the corner of the car in an adjoining spot, then its mirror hit a pole next to the spot.

As the driver got out of the SUV the officer was getting out of his patrol car to speak with him, noting in the report the man was stumbling. The officer called out to him and the man began running away, through a nearby alley. The officer, on foot, pursued, chasing him down an alley. He continued the chase as the man ran up some apartment stairs, by now shouting that if the man didn’t stop he was going to use his Taser (electroshock weapon).

The man made it to an apartment door and the officer caught up with him as the man fumbled with some keys, unlocking the door. The officer grabbed the man’s jacket as the man went through the door. He tried to close the door on the officer but couldn’t, as the officer had shoved his foot in the way of the door’s closing. (Noting here that infamous "odor of intoxicants," upon the man were presented in the report.)

The officer was calling for backup, but none were there yet. The man, now inside the apartment, wrestled away from the officer’s grasp and began to run down an apartment hallway. Concerned that the man might have a weapon down the hall, the officer fired his Taser, dropping the man. The officer then put him in handcuffs as a backup officer arrived.

They took the man down to a patrol car and the 20 year old man was apologizing, asking if he could get a warning. When the officer said "No" the man began to verbally berate them (the specifics of which were not given). He was taken to the police station and given the sobriety test of walking, standing, and such. He did poorly and, based upon this, was giving a breath test, blowing a 0.18 BAC.

He was charged with DUI and minor in possession (due to his being a minor with alcohol in his body), fleeing and resisting arrest. His car was impounded and he was assigned a $2,105 bond.