Vowing to lose weight or get in shape is one of the most popular resolutions at New Year’s and leads to a busy season for personal trainers.

Kinsey Baker, a local certified personal trainer, offered some tips on how people can avoid breaking those resolutions, or at least have a healthier lifestyle.

Baker said that one of the most common misconceptions about fitness is the misunderstanding that it’s all about outward appearance.

"Sure it feels awesome to fit into a pair of jeans or feel confident in a bikini," she said. "But the reality is, some fitness goals can take months to accomplish."

Baker said people often want a quick fix and when that goal isn’t reached quickly, discouragement sets in.

"This is why I encourage my clients to focus on how exercising and eating healthier make them feel," she said.

Baker said while changes in appearance will come with time, "changes in how you feel are almost instant."

"To stay motivated, I suggest creating a ‘fitness road map’ with the end result being your long-term vision and the pit stops along the way being your short-term goals," she said.

She said if a person wants to lose 50 pounds, that goal is great for a long-term vision.

"A good example of a short-term goal is being able to run a 10-minute mile," she said.

She said once someone reaches their goal, they should celebrate that victory.

"If you focus on the short-term goals and accomplishing them, you will quickly realize your long-term vision isn’t too far out of reach," she said.

Baker said she enjoys empowering women to live more fulfilled lives.

"I believe when we are at our strongest and healthiest physically, we are more capable to handle the many mental and emotional demands life throws at us," she said.

Baker said she loves the confidence that comes from knowing how to build a stronger, healthier body.

"Just a few years ago, I would feel so intimidated walking into the gym," she said. "I had a little knowledge, but not enough to get me to my goals. But just be being in a fitness environment, I was able to soak up information and connect with people who have inspired me to further my fitness education professionally."

Baker, who also has a masters of arts in teaching, said she is keeping busy.

"I am in the process of writing a meal preparation and clean eating eBook," she said.

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