The chair

Police were called to an office furniture supply store Thursday, May 26. It was noon.

When the reporting officer arrived he was met in the business’ parking lot by two men, who introduced themselves and explained they worked for a local technology company, which they named.

They were there, they told the officer, after being called by the manager of the furniture business, about some "possibly stolen" furniture and chairs, in this case. (The furniture store manager was not available at the time, the report stated.)

They told the officer the store had been offered four high-end office chairs at an attractive price of $25 each.

The men explained to the officer that the chairs offered matched those missing from their inventory, three of which had a $600 price tag, and one valued at $1,000. The man who sold the manager the chairs matched the description of a man who worked with them in the corporate warehouse, they told the officer.

The officer went with the men back to the warehouse where the chairs had been stored. The look-alike co-worker was out at lunch but was due back shortly. The officer waited. While waiting they saw an SUV pull on to the warehouse drive and stop about five blocks away, per the report, and discharge its passenger, who started walking toward the business. The officer had been told the luncheon employee traveled with a friend who drove an SUV the same model and color as the one that had just dropped off a passenger.

The officer got in his car and pursued, pulling over the SUV nearby. In the vehicle was the employee, who was taken into custody, this process eased as the man had an outstanding warrant. He was interviewed by a detective and then jailed. The chairs had yet to be taken back to the technology company, as the investigation is still ongoing, the report concluded.

To serve man

An officer was called Wednesday, May 25, to assist another officer in the process of serving a search warrant. A car pulled up on the scene where the warrant was being served and the two men in the car were detained.

The reporting officer noted the "odor of marijuana" from the car as he walked up to deal with the two men. He searched the car and found about 10 grams of marijuana, and two scales likely used for weighing same.

One of the men in the car said the marijuana was his and he was taken into custody. The car was impounded.

Wet and angry

The afternoon of Thursday, May 26, police were called about an event at a Dave Ward Drive department store after a man reported being harassed.

The man said he was in the store’s parking lot when a sedan drove by, it being driven by a woman with a man sitting next to her. The man, he reported, had a water gun and was shooting random people in the parking lot, including the caller.

The caller told police he "confronted" staff with the store, demanding to see security footage so he could gain the license number of the sedan containing the offending pair, the report stated. The store refused to allow him to see the tape, telling him a police report was needed in order to release that sort of information. The man then called and, using the report’s language and in its conclusion, "demanded" a report.

A twist of the blade

Interestingly, police were called to the same department store at roughly the same time the man in the above report was calling in about his being harassed. A theft, they were told, was underway.

Officers arrived and spoke with the store’s loss prevention associate. He told them of a man, whom he described, moving through the store and slicing open packages with a knife, then taking the contents of the packages and hiding them on himself. He didn’t approach the man, the associate told the officer, because of the knife.

Officers interceded. As one officer, the reporting officer, approached the man directly, a second officer approached down a nearby aisle in order to cut off any avenues of escape and back up the first officer. The reporting officer walked up to the 25 year old man and asked him if he had a knife. "No," was the reply, the report stated.

The officer then told the man he was being held on shoplifting suspicion, and the man told the officer "he could pay for everything," the officer reported. Officers searched the man, finding a razor knife in a back pocket and a second knife in his front pocket, along with the packaging for the second knife. A small flashlight was also found.

The man was jailed.