Energy crisis

A woman, the director of an academy, called police Wednesday, Jan 4 at 10:48 a.m. Someone, she told the reporting officer, had damaged the school’s van, having done so somewhere between Dec. 16 and Jan. 3.

The day before she had gone to pick up some of the academy’s students and on the way the van she was driving ran out of gas. She made arrangements and was pouring more gas in the van when she heard the freshly-poured gas hitting the ground, at which point a tow was called.

The van was towed to a garage. "She received a call today that the damage to the gas tank was not merely wear and tear and it was obvious that someone had caused the damage," the report stated. As the school had been out for two week, however, she was not able to give a specific date where the damage had taken place, she told the officer, the report stated.

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Tuesday, just after 8:30 at night, when police were called to a fast-food restaurant regarding someone indecently exposed. On the way police were told of a woman who had relieved herself in the parking lot outside the restaurant, then had gotten into an SUV.

Officers arrived, and the reporting officer spoke with the woman in question,49. She said she had a weak bladder. She tried, she told the officer, to make it inside, but could not make it, and instead used the parking lot. She continued that as she was doing so a man with two children came out of the restaurant to cross the parking lot. She tried to warn them to go back inside, she said, but "they kept coming out." To the officer’s question, the woman said she had not been drinking.

The officer then spoke with the witness, who told him of he and his children stepping out into the parking lot and as he did so, seeing the woman then squat down and subsequent. He took his children back inside, pulled out his phone and recorded the event, he said.

The officer returned to the woman, noting she had no odor of intoxicants about her. The first step of a field sobriety test was done, the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) and the officer reported finding no impairment, nor did the other two officers present.

(The HGN test is done by having somebody move their eyes while keeping their head still. It works like this: Normally when you shift your eyes over 45 degrees to the side, they twitch. When, however, someone has a somewhat high alcohol content in their system, their eyes twitch well before reaching 45 degrees. Testers are also watching to make sure your eyes move left to right smoothly. "Lack of smooth pursuit" is often cited as a clue during a field sobriety test. Recall here it’s not so much a pass/fail test as a series of tests which provide clues to one’s condition, insights, if you will.)

With this, the woman was allowed to leave. She was given a contact card with police information and the incident number.

Iceberg dead ahead

It was 1:49 in the morning, the second hour of Thursday, Jan. 14, when an officer found himself following a luxury sedan as it traveled a West Conway two-lane. As he did so, the officer noted the car crossed over the white stripe on the road side (called the "white fog line" in report-speak). (The "White Star Line" was the name of the British shipping company which in its history owned the infamous RMS Titanic. This has no bearing on this report, but metaphorical parallels may be drawn.)

Have spotted the car crossing the line, as it were, the officer went blue lights and pulled the car over. The usual speaking with the driver, the only person in the car, took place, and the officer called in the 21 year old’s information. Dispatch radioed back that the driver has a suspended license, as well as four previous citations for driving on a suspended license.

The driver called his mother to come pick up the car as he was about to be taken into custody. The officer, here, asked for, and gained, permission to search the car. Inside he found a digital scale with some "white powdery substance" upon it, per the report. When asked about the scale, after being read his rights, the man said "he only smoked weed," the report stated.

He was taken to jail, the car released to his mother. The scale was taken as evidence for process by the state crime lab.