Conway Police Chief Jody Spradlin presented Conway officers Tuesday with the LifeSaving Award.

Officers Mike Jones and Andrew McKendree received the award for their work in rescuing a suicidal man who was attempting to jump from a bridge to his death in April.

Spradlin said the police department was proud of Jones and McKendree for saving a man’s life.

"Through your quick actions that night, you saved a man from falling 50 feet to the Interstate and kept him from most likely being run over by a vehicle — saving his life," Spradlin said.

Spokesman LaTresha Woodruff said the LifeSaving Award is awarded whenever something happens and an officer is able to save a resident’s life.

Spradlin recalled the moments leading up to Jones and McKendree’s life-saving experience as he presented them with their award.

Jones and McKendree had responded to a welfare check at the bridge on Siebenmorgan Road, which runs over Interstate 40, on April 14, 2016.

"Upon your arrival, a man climbed over the guard rails as if he were to jump," Spradlin recalled of the incident, noting the man was not responding to their attempts to persuade him to step down from the bridge.

While standing over the guard rail, the man slipped.

He would have fallen to his death had Jones and McKendree not reacted quickly, Spradlin said.

"As he stood off the guard rail he began to slip off the rail until [each of you] grabbed him and pulled him to safety," Spradlin said. "He tensed up as if he were having a seizure and then you called medical assistance."

Jones and McKendree’s quick response on April 14 saved the man’s life.

"We are proud of you," Woodruff said of the two officers on CPD’s behalf. "[This is a] well-deserved honor."

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