The papers

An officer on patrol Monday, Feb. 13 at 11:13 a.m., saw a car doing a less than stellar job of driving on Harkrider, drifting, as it was, in its lane. The officer watched this for a moment or two, then went blue lights and pulled the import coupe over.

The officer, of course, spoke with the car’s driver, 26, — apparently the only person in the car. The officer asked for the usual paperwork, and the man said he did not have his driver’s license, handing the officer a state ID card, adding could not find the car’s registration. The officer called in the man using the info on the ID and found the man not only had a suspended driver’s license, but had been arrested for driving on a suspended the middle of last year.

The officer had the man get out of the car and spoke with him, and the man admitted to knowing his license was suspended. With this, he was arrested, cuffed and stuffed. His car was impounded and the man was taken to jail where he was "processed for intake," the report concluded.

Zoom went the machine

Monday, Feb. 13, one minute before 8 a.m. and police were called to a car lot. There they met with the lot owner.

A SUV, the man told officers, had been stolen from the lot. When he left the lot Saturday afternoon the SUV was parked at a corner of his building, he told the officer. When he came in this morning, however, the SUV was gone. He called the police right away, he told the officer.

The businessman said he didn’t think the SUV was locked, and he couldn’t find the keys for it anywhere. "There were no signs of broken glass where the vehicle was parked," the officer added.

In a fortunate turn, the businessman told the officer the SUV had GPS tracking installed. The owner checked with the GPS company and had the tracking device turned on, showing the machine to be parked at a Little Rock address. The officer contacted dispatch to call Little Rock about having someone check for the SUV at that address. (The report did not state the results of that request or, presumably, investigation.)

The lot owner was given a report number, and the SUV was entered into the stolen goods database.


Police took a report by phone Monday, Feb. 13, just before 5 p.m. The caller said sometime over the weekend someone had stolen the outboard motor off his boat, which was parked "in the yard by his driveway." Two broken trolling motors were also taken, the reporting officer was told.

The serial numbers of the missing motors was entered into the missing goods database and the man was issued a report number.

Van attack

Monday, Feb. 13 and police were called to a home. It was 14:47 p.m. when police responded, per the report.

The arriving officer spoke with the man of the home, who showed him what the call was regarding. His minivan, the man said, had at some time during the night been vandalized. Two of the windows were broken out, and one tire had been punctured, the officer noted in the report, adding that the puncture was "about 1-inch wide."

Pictures were taken of the damage, the officer further noting he didn’t see anything which might have been thrown in order to break the windows. The man of the home said he did not know anyone who would do such a thing, or would have a reason to do so.

He was issued a report number.