Log Cabin Correspondent

From Conway Police

Department reports


Police were called to an apartment complex Tuesday, Feb. 14, at 1:18 p.m. A woman there, police were told, was intoxicated.

The officer arrived and went to the complex’s office, meeting the manager. Sitting on the floor of the manager’s office was a woman, 50, of whom the manager had concern for her "well-being," per the report. The officer spoke with the woman, noting in his report her slow, slurred speech and the "odor of alcohol" from her.

He asked the woman if she’d been drinking, or taken any pills, and the woman replied she had been drinking and had taken some "lithium," per the report. The officer called an ambulance. The ambulance crew arrived and checked the woman out, and the officer then arrested her for public intoxication and took her to jail.

The jail staff refused to take the woman, due to her condition, and the officer took her to Conway Regional. There she was treated and released, after which the officer took her back to jail where she was booked.

Meat beet

It was 15 minutes to 5 p.m. that Tuesday, Feb. 14, when police were called about a shoplifter whom store staff had interrupted.

The woman had put some meat in her purse and then continued moving through the store, apparently with the intent of leaving with the pilfered purse meat. As she closed on the store’s door, however, she realized the jig was up, that she was being watched, and put the meat in a shopping cart, then continued moving toward the door.

The staff stopped her and asked to see her purse. She opened her purse, showing there was no meat to meet, and left out the door. The caller described the woman’s car, including its license plate number.

The law is optional

An officer was on patrol during the lunch hour on Tuesday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, at 12:43 p.m. While doing his patrol thing he spotted a car with expired tags. He pulled out to catch up with the car, and the car quickly turned into an apartment complex. As the officer pulled up behind it the driver was jumping out of the car as though he was on his way somewhere, and the officer had him stop and get back in his car. The investigation continued.

The officer stepped up and spoke with the man, getting his information. The man did not have a license and used a state-issued ID. The officer called all this in. The call was returned, quickly, showing the man had recently been cited for driving without a license.

The officer stepped back up to the car and asked the man why he didn’t have a license. The man replied, in a defensive tone, he didn’t see the point in getting one since he hadn’t been caught since, the report stated.

The officer had him get out of the car and he was arrested. The car was released to a friend. The man was jailed ("processed for intake" in report-speak).