Think about the excitement in your house each Christmas morning. The kids can't wait to run to the tree, find their gifts, and unwrap them all. We need to have the same sense of joy, excitement, and expectation about the gift of Jesus. He is our Savior! He is our deliverer! He is our Prince of Peace! The Bible tells us that Jesus was wrapped in cloths and lying in the manager. Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus was the first and best Christmas gift?The gift Jesus offered to the shepherds as well as to you and me is found in Luke 2:14, "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests" (New International Version). Very simply, Jesus came to bring peace. Peace for you and peace for me. Peace for the woman whose hectic life keeps her stretched too thin. Peace for the woman whose heart is broken and cannot find the strength to move forward. Peace for the woman who is facing an unimaginable circumstance and not sure what will happen next. Amazingly, this peace is available today and comes through the birth of a Savior.It is peace that affects our* Homes* Family members* Work* Church* Friends* Our Very Selves!Today if I asked you the question, "Do you need a little peace in your life?" What would your answer be? If we were honest, I imagine that most of us would say, "Yes, I need a little peace in my life!"God's Word is full of promises to claim and precepts to follow! Think about these reminders from the Bible and invite the peace of Jesus to wash over your busy, crazy life,P Jesus brought the very presence of God into our lives in a fresh, new and meaningful way. Jesus came to this earth to fulfill God's plan. He died on the cross and rose again. Jesus conquered sin, death, disease, dismay, and everything that separates you and me from God. Jesus is the way! Jesus is the truth! Jesus is the life! Through Jesus, we can have a relationship with God that is real and life-changing.E Jesus provides everything that we need for life. Each day we are not without help. God's Word tells us what we need to know and how we need to live. I say it all the time, "Jesus has the answer because Jesus is the answer!"A Jesus is the standard for absolute truth. In the midst of a world that tells you, "anything goes," Jesus is the perfect standard of truth. Living for Him, following His example, and serving others the way He served gives us a goal for our day---the goal of becoming more like Jesus and less like this world. Living with this goal in mind and Jesus as our standard of truth brings peace into our lives because it helps us to eliminate the things that do not matter in life.C Jesus gives comfort in times of stress. Peace is not the absence of problems but rather the presence of God in our lives. Right now Jesus is at the right hand of the Father and He is praying for you and me!E Jesus is the only way to have eternal life. The ultimate Christmas gift is salvation. Through salvation we move from spiritual death to spiritual life. We receive this gift by asking Jesus to forgive us and save us. Today you can ask Jesus to save you from your sins! Being free from the burden of sin and shame brings ultimate peace that changes the direction of our lives!Daily we need to unwrap the very first Christmas gift (Jesus) by remembering and living out these amazing truths. When we do, we will experience His life-changing peace right here on earth.