It's the most wonderful time of the year at the home of Dr. Steve and Laura Simpson. The Simpsons, who have lived in Centennial Valley for 13 years, enjoy preparing their home for the holidays and entertaining family and friends. "I love transforming my home into a festive gathering place for friends and family during the holiday season," Laura said.Laura recently enlisted the help of Tami Risinger, owner of Tami Risinger Interiors, Inc., to update their traditional home. "We totally updated the color scheme from dark and drab to light and bright. We rearranged all the existing furniture that were antique pieces Laura has collected over the years. We repurposed some pieces that we repainted and reupholstered. It immediately felt like a new space visually. Then, we added new window treatments and some new upholstery. I added in some very chic pieces like Murano glass lamps, fur ottomans, soft rugs, and gold light fixtures that immediately gave it a sparkle. To visually complete the project, I brought in some colorful throw pillows of blues and pinks and some colorful art to complete the updated space," Tami said.The result called for a fresh approach to holiday decorating. Using traditional colors when decorating over the years was replaced with décor that compliments the refined neutral color design. "Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I love decorating the house. I've always chosen traditional colors of red, green, and gold. Now our home has a more neutral color palette, using shades of grey, blue and creams. It's been fun to start over with my Christmas décor, using heirlooms of the family but adding new colors to match the new design," Laura said.The areas in the home that Laura focuses on most are the hearth room and living room. Laura, Steve, and their daughters, Emily and Lacey, spend most of their family time in the cozy hearth room. Keeping the hearth room laid-back and a little whimsical is always the goal."My white Christmas tree is decorated using glass and sequin balls in shades of blue, gold and silver with a hint of bright pink. Gold ribbons are draped throughout, with sprigs of gold and blue topping the tree. I also add snowman ornaments that I've collected through the years and use a cream faux fur tree skirt. My mantel is simple with fresh greenery that I flock with artificial snow and again incorporate colors of blue, gold and cream thru the greenery," Laura said.A more traditionally decorated space, the living room exudes casual holiday elegance. Embellished with different textures of gold ribbons, blue and gold sprigs and metallic gold, blue and silver mercury glass balls, the grand tree in the living room also contains beautiful vintage ornaments. Light and glass create the perfect amount of holiday sparkle, and the ambience provides a warm and inviting place for hosting friends and family during the holiday season.Fresh garland around the front doors lends a polished grandeur to the holiday entryway. "My décor for outside is simple. I use fresh garland around my door, mixing in some gold ribbon with large blue, gold and silver ornaments. I fill planters with fresh pine sprigs and magnolia leaves. My husband, Steve, does an amazing job decorating our two Japanese maple trees that flank our entrance with thousands of white lights… it's magical at night!" She said.Although their beautiful home displays fresh and inspiring décor for the holidays this season, the Simpsons continue to celebrate Christmas traditions that create memories to cherish each year."Decorating gingerbread houses, baking sugar cookies and delivering my homemade white chocolate crunch to family and friends will always be fun traditions we enjoy as a family. The most important tradition we observe each year is attending Candlelight Service at New Life Church and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."