In light of Data Privacy Day on Tuesday, Acxiom, the leading enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, encouraged people to take steps toward understanding the data Acxiom has about them, how it is used and how they can amend it to better reflect their likes and dislikes.

Data Privacy Day, also known as Data Protection Day in Europe, is celebrated each year on Jan. 28 in the U.S., Canada and 27 European countries to raise awareness and promote data privacy education.

Acxiom launched last September as the first step of a journey to provide more transparency and understanding about the data the company gathers and uses for marketing purposes.

This first-of-its-kind consumer portal is part of Acxiom’s broader vision for a future in which consumers can have visibility and choice about data and advertising preferences so they can enjoy better experiences and receive greater value when engaging with brands.

The site has had 500,000 visitors to date, two percent of opt-outs and five percent of people updating their information, said Ines Gutzmer, director of corporate communications.

We are working on some major enhancements to to provide more visibility, value and control to consumers, Acxiom CEO Scott Howe said in a press release.

"It is our hope that others in the industry follow suit in providing increased transparency and choice developments we believe benefit everyone," he said.

Gutzmer further explained recent updates to the portal to include new functionality, better data presentation, an easier authentication process, increased speed and an improved overall usability experience with the promise of new features to be added in the foreseeable future. "Stay tuned for those," she said.

Acxiom also announced plans on Tuesday to host a global conference on Ethical Use of Personal Data this fall, along with a competition to award $100,000 in grants recognizing the brightest thinking concerning this topic.

"When used appropriately, we believe data is a catalyst for better decisions, experiences and societal progress," said Jennifer Barrett Glasgow, Acxiom Chief Privacy Officer. "We hope this conference will fuel a constructive discussion on the topics of personal data usage and control; we welcome the submission of papers with innovative, progressive ideas."

Acxiom will announce more details on the specific timing and logistics of the fall forum in the near future.

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