Business Name: Bliss Cupcake Cafe

Location: 625 Salem Road Suite 1

Telephone: 501-504-6636

Web Site:

Date Opened: Jan. 27, 2014

Number of Employees: 12

What Type of Business is it? Bakery

What specifically does your business do? Gourmet cupcakes

Owners: Kevin and Christine Graham

Why did you decide to open this business? We wanted to provide a fun laid back location on the west side of Conway, where you can hang out with family and friends while enjoying a famous Bliss cupcake.

What is the best part about owning this business? The best part of owning this business is that it is all about family. There is nothing better than putting a smile on our customers faces.

What has been the biggest surprise that has happen since the opening? The biggest surprise that has happened to us has been the overwhelming support that the city of Conway has shown us!

What is the best piece of advice you received before going into this business? Join the Chamber Of Conway! They are best!

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in business? Trust your instinct and never give up!