In April, a Little Rock-based clinic specializing in testosterone therapy and holistic men’s health will expand to Conway. APEX Men’s Health will open its second location in Olympia Plaza, located at 2215 East Oak St., Suite 4.

In August of 2012, chief physician Dr. Jeremy Warford, a board-certified family practitioner, founded the first physician-run, testosterone therapy clinic in the state. Clinical testosterone therapy is a simple treatment for men with hypogonadism, a condition in which the body does not produce enough testosterone. Low T, as it is commonly referred, is defined by low serum levels of testosterone and is accompanied by a number of symptoms, including fatigue, moodiness and depression.

Dr. Warford, a graduate of Hendrix College, got the idea for the clinic from fellow Hendrix alumnus Jeremy Wise. While training to become a Navy SEAL, Wise read about testosterone therapy and shared with Dr. Warford his idea of treating men with Low T.

"At the time, I was working in emergency medicine and did not have a desire to shift gears to a clinic setting," Dr. Warford said. "It was the last time I would speak to Jeremy." Wise was killed in December 2009 in Afghanistan. A memorial is displayed in his honor on the campus of Hendrix College.

In the fall of 2011, another friend of Dr. Warford approached him with a similar idea to open a clinic specializing in testosterone therapy. "I felt the time was right," he said.

"We feel like we’re doing something that has a great need. It’s a life-changing treatment for a lot of our patients. We’re able to take care of some of those health conditions that they’ve never had investigated."

After an initial appointment to determine if a patient is a candidate for testosterone therapy, treatment in the form of injections begins. APEX administers injection therapy every seven to 14 days. Unlike topical gels and creams, injections are not transferable to others, and the dosage is specific. A physician monitors the patient’s progress, and most patients experience some benefit within four weeks.

"The procedure is quick and convenient, lasting no more than 15 minutes from the time the patient arrives to the time he leaves," Dr. Warford said. "No appointment is necessary for the injections. Men can simply walk in when they have time."

In addition to treating men suffering from Low T, APEX Men’s Health helps men combat obesity and smoking through weight-loss and smoking cessation programs. It also offers health screenings for heart disease, colon cancer and other diseases.

"We have the opportunity in this unique setting to address these issues because patients come to see us several times a month," Dr. Warford said. "Our focus this week, for example, is on erectile dysfunction, which can be a predictor of heart disease."

Because APEX Men’s Health focuses on total men’s health, treatment does not necessarily stop once testosterone levels return to normal. The clinic’s motto is "Be a Better Man," which Dr. Warford says transcends physical health.

"The crux of what we do that really sets us apart from any clinic — regardless of the type of clinic it is — is that we’re out to treat our patients not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. We want to work on all areas of men’s health and well-being: the mind, body and soul."

Dr. Warford said APEX Men’s Health is more than a business — it is a ministry. "Our vision is much more than giving people shots and taking their money. It’s about changing their lives, and that’s the exciting thing about what we do.

"We’re unapologetically men of faith and love Jesus," he said. "Our patients don’t have to believe the way we do, but I think it shows that we care about our patients. And the spiritual component, however you want to define that, is important to health, as research and studies have demonstrated."

Dr. Warford attributes much of the clinic’s growth to patient referrals. "Because our patients’ lives have been impacted so positively, they share the news with everyone around them. We’re happy to be able to bring these life-changing services to Conway and Faulkner County."

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