Bill Doshier is President of dotStrategy. dotStrategy is a Conway based company, created for the purpose of operating the new Internet top level domain .BUZZ. Bill gave us a preview of the .BUZZ launch.

What is dotBUZZ?

dotBUZZ is the new edgy, cool, hip, younger cousin of dotCOM. Since the Internet was opened to commercial use 20 years ago, the domain namespace has been generally limited to three top level domains: .com, .net and .org. Good, short, meaningful domain names are no longer available. Consumers and businesses need new options for domain names specific to their individual needs and online identities.

Of all the name possibilities, why BUZZ?

Create buzz and you have the ear of the world. The .BUZZ registry creates a sustainable, valuable name space for those wanting to show the world what’s happening right now. Our marketing focus is towards groups related to communications, public relations, event organizers, social networking, entertainment, start-ups, advertising, marketing and new product development

How does one register a quality .BUZZ domain name?

It’s very important to engage immediately with a .BUZZ contracted registrar, open an account — and pursue the domain name desired. Through understanding and awareness of the .BUZZ launch process, the general public has a great opportunity to secure a choice .BUZZ domain name early.

General availability for .BUZZ opens Tuesday, April 15, at 10:01 am. Both preregistration and general availability can be accomplished by using a national registrar such as GoDaddy (, or a local registrar such as PlethPlus (

What is the potential market for .BUZZ and how are you creating your own buzz?

This is a leading edge opportunity with unlimited potential.

Globally, there are over 250 million Internet domains registered. Internet usage is expected to double worldwide over the next three years. .BUZZ domains will help accommodate this growth. We continually look for innovative ways to create our own ‘buzz’ to a variety of audience.

You’ve partnered with UCA to launch .BUZZ to the world this Tuesday. What’s up with that?

We’re spreading the word about .BUZZ with the University of Central Arkansas. In leading a class on Internet start-ups — whether it’s starting a business, building a blog, or developing an app — we’re educating Gen Z on the world of opportunities new TLDs, like .BUZZ offer.

We’re inviting the local community to join us for the First Annual Buzz Bash this Tuesday April 15, from noon to 2:30 p.m. on the front lawn of the UCA College of Business.

For more information regarding BUZZ BASH or for additional information on how best to secure your desired .BUZZ domain name contact Bill Doshier at: