Business Name: Trio’s Consign & Design

Location: 1105 Jim’s Lane, Conway, AR 72032

Telephone: 501-504-5400

Website: and Facebook: Trios Consign & Design

Date Opened: Dec. 1, 2013

Number of Employees: 2

What Type of Business is it: Furniture Consignment & Resale

What specifically does your business do? Sell used furniture and home accessories

Owner: Stacey Russo and Michelle Romine

Why did you decide to open this business? Buying and selling used furniture, "Junking" as we call it, has been a passion of ours for years. It was our dream to be able to do it for a living so now we are simply living our dream! It’s an amazing feeling and so rewarding to be able to do what you love ... everyday.

What is the best part about owning this business? Building relationships with our customers. The response we get from customers when they come into the store is awesome and exactly what we had hoped for. Seeing all the familiar faces as repeat customers continually stop in to see what we have new in the store.

What has been the biggest surprise that has happen since the opening? Just the overwhelming response we receive from customers.

What is the best piece of advice you received before going into this business? Be patient!

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in Conway? Be involved in your community and support your neighbors and local businesses.

What makes your business unique to Conway and Faulkner County? I don’t think Trio’s Consign & Design is unique in the concept of furniture consignment, however I believe our store is different in the way we showcase and market our items and the amount of home accessories we have to offer as well.