Kyle Tabor will open Blue Sail Coffee at 1028 Front St. on May 17. One of the youngest entrepreneurs around, Kyle has a business degree, a ton of drive and a lot of inspiration from a trip he took to Italy with his family. The espresso bars there are apparently beyond anything American coffee lovers have ever dreamed. Also, the guy is like a scientist when it comes to coffee. He will make you a cup and tell you all about how his equipment treats the molecules with the tender loving care they need to taste delicious.

Yes, he made me a cup of coffee (actually, it was a white mocha). And yes, it was really, really good. Not too acidic, not too bitter, not too sweet. It was sublimely smooth, and exactly the right temperature. Sorry if I’m raving a bit. Coffee is one of my favorite things. I look forward to the opening of this new spot for coffee.

Candy store opens this month

Rocket Fizz, the new candy store coming to downtown on Oak Street, will open at the end of May. The franchise will offer old-fashioned candies and a wide variety of bottled sodas.

Restaurant changes name

In case you were worried, Table Mesa has changed its name to The Painted Table. It still has the same owner and the same food, although you’ll likely see some tweaks to the menu in the form of some new offerings.

I’ll be curious to find out what they have that is new. I’ve been a fan of the restaurant since I first experienced its cuisine at the Bentonville location. My favorite things I have tried here have been the chicken curry burrito and the tres leches cake.


As you know, Planet Fitness is moving in where the old movie theater used to be. As a result, Direct Police Sales has moved to the building where the State Revenue Office was formerly located and is now open to the public. Owner Steve Thacker is expanding his line of work boots, clothing, holsters, nylon gear, etc.

By the way

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