The traffic on went through the roof on Friday when our business reporter, Michelle Corbet, posted a list of stores coming to the soon-to-be-built (hopefully) Central Landing. Check out her story to see the whole list (and square-footages, to boot), but I thought I’d pick out a few special ones.

When Central Landing first became a public topic of conversation, I asked you all to name what stores you would like to see there. And oh, the response I got. I thought I would name for you a few of the ones that you wished for that are actually on the list. Here they are: Dillard’s, Claire’s, Lane Bryant and Ann Taylor. Also, you wished for a Barnes and Noble, but you’re getting a Books-A-Million. I hope that brings you some measure of joy. Gymboree was mentioned by name and is not on the list, but several other children’s stores are.

Also, on the food side of things, we’re getting a Genghis Grill and a Five Guys, which are both really good. Usually I’d be writing paragraphs about those, but Michelle kind of stole my thunder.

All joking aside, here’s the most interesting part. Rumor has it the area on the map marked "bowling alley" will be an entertainment venue with a restaurant, games, etc., all revolving around bowling. It is rumored to be a concept similar to Dave and Buster’s, but the dark, shadowy figures tell me this one will be part of the Brunswick National chain.

If this rumor pans out, it will actually be another one of those long-time-coming things. Several years ago someone set out to build something like this, and then the project just went quiet. I have to assume that this kind of a place would be a popular destination for nights out with friends, special occasions and other friendly gatherings.

Pizza place coming to Salem Road

It looks like Domino’s Pizza is getting close to starting on that new location I told you about at 710 South Salem Road. If that address doesn’t ring a bell, think Salem Road and Dave Ward Drive. Just north of the gas station at that intersection is a shopping center called Saddletop. That’s the neighborhood I’m talking about. I might be just a little excited about it because it will be one of the closest pizza places to where I live, and I really like Domino’s.

What’s up?

I haven’t gotten many emails from my readers lately. It could be because it’s the doldrums of summer and there’s not much going on. But if you have rumors, tidbits, sneaking suspicions or questions, go ahead and email me (or call).

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