Laura J Hanlon CPA recently attending an intensive seminar addressing the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare in Charlottesville, Va. Individuals and families filing personal or business taxes are recommended to take extra precaution before filing with the Internal Revenue Service this year. Additionally, businesses of all sizes should be proactive in planning for compliance with this law.

"These massive tax laws changes affect lower, middle and higher income families," explained Laura J Hanlon CPA, President of Laura J. Hanlon CPA PA and Payroll Vault. "And the excuse of ‘I didn’t know’ doesn’t work well with the IRS, so tax filers really need to do some additional research on their particular healthcare tax situation as soon as possible," Hanlon said.

To ensure taxpayers are well equipped to file their taxes this year, Laura J Hanlon CPA has authored a book, "Obamacare and The IRS Uncovered: What You Must Know About The Affordable Care Act Before Filing Your Tax Return." The book is available at Hastings Bookstore in Conway.

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