Little Rock-based internet service provider Aristotle has announced it is bringing wireless broadband internet to Vilonia.

The high-speed service will allow customers to use Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service, high-definition video streaming and online game playing.

Elizabeth Bowles, president of Aristotle Inc., said the company was set to go into Vilonia in April but was delayed by the tornado that struck on April 27. The company is waiting for a third-party electrical contractor to complete its work on a tower in the area, and after that Aristotle will install its equipment. By the end of August workers should be installing circuits at customers’ homes, she said.

"As a wireless internet service provider, Aristotle ISP works to bring high-speed internet access into rural areas and small communities throughout Central Arkansas and beyond," Bowles said. "Aristotle’s wireless broadband service offers users a cost-saving broadband option that features competitive pricing, no data caps and no equipment fees.

"We are especially pleased to be able to provide the community of Vilonia with a high-speed connectivity option that will help the community rebuild, grow and prosper."

She said Aristotle’s fixed wireless broadband allows for higher speeds, faster connectivity and faster and more reliable service than DSL, as well as bringing Vilonia access it does not currently enjoy.

"One of the benefits of wireless technology is it is very resilient, easy to repair, and we’re local. Maybe 30 minutes away. We’ve won awards for our customer service. You’ll be able to call and speak to a person. You’ll know your installer by name," she said.

Vilonia residents interested in the service may visit

"We’re very much looking forward to working with the community," Bowles said.

"We think Vilonia is a great place. "We’re looking forward to helping the community rebuild and bringing a quality product to the people of Vilonia.

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