An established central-Arkansas clinic specializing in pain management will soon have a full-time practice in Conway. Arkansas Spine and Pain (ASAP) diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates patients suffering from chronic pain and sports-related injuries. The Conway location opened in October 2013 as a satellite clinic and saw patients based on appointment. Beginning this August, the clinic will operate during normal business hours Monday through Thursday at 1080 Pat’s Lane.

Krishnappa Prasad, M.D., is the physician for the Conway clinic. Dr. Prasad received his medical degree from Bangalore Medical College and completed his residencies in Internal Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at New York Medical College. He and the other physicians on staff provide various methods of pain control that will restore patients’ ability to live an active lifestyle at work and home.

"Chronic pain can have a debilitating effect on your life," Dr. Prasad said. "Our clinic provides various methods of pain control that are quick and relatively painless."

Arkansas Spine and Pain specializes in the treatment of chronic pain. Unlike acute pain, which is related to an injury or illness and lessens naturally during the healing process, chronic pain is an ongoing condition that may be part of a patient’s daily life.

"Our office has the ability to take care of most chronic pain situations," said Dr. Prasad. "While the majority of the patients we see have pain that is neck-related and low-back-related, we also treat pain from post-traumatic injuries, sports injuries and a variety of arthritic conditions, including pain in the facet joints, knee joints and shoulder joints. Basically, we treat any kind of pain in the body."

Arkansas Spine and Pain specializes in interventional pain management and minimally invasive spine procedures. Pain management specialists manage chronic, post-operative pain as well as pain from disease, injury and painful conditions. Patients experiencing pain resulting from sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, failed back surgery and cancer are ideal candidates for pain management and rehabilitation. The physicians also treat pain resulting from fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, neuralgia, inflammation, and a host of other conditions.

Methods used to treat the pain range from steroid injections and nerve blocks to acupuncture and Botox. "Most notably, we do spinal disorders and perform interventions in terms of epidurals to treat disk bulges and other conditions," Dr. Prasad said. "We also block nerves to treat nerve pain that originates in the back of the leg and perform smaller nerve blocks to treat pain from arthritis. We can burn those nerves to give relief for eight months to a year."

Physicians at Arkansas Spine and Pain are trained in advanced procedures such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to treat injuries and promote the healing of bones and soft tissue. Notable athletes have turned to PRP injections as a quick, non-invasive alternative to surgery. PRP injections use platelets from the patient’s own blood to rebuild injured tendons or ligaments, which accelerates the healing process.

"PRP injections are the latest method to treat a variety of conditions that cannot be treated with surgery or with medication," Dr. Prasad said. "For example, a rotator cuff injury of the shoulder cannot be operated on, but it can be injected with PRP. Furthermore, patients with a certain type of arthritis may not be candidates for surgery. If medications or steroid injections are not helping, the next best thing is to do a PRP injection."

Chronic pain is a complex medical condition that can have emotional, psychological and social consequences. For this reason, Arkansas Spine and Pain has a multi-disciplinary team of pain management specialists that includes board-certified physicians, a board-certified anesthesiologist, clinical psychologists, an advanced practice nurse and other medical professionals. Pain management specialists are licensed medical professionals trained in a variety of specialties who use various approaches to prevent, evaluate and treat acute or chronic pain disorders.

Arkansas Spine and Pain’s main clinic is located in Little Rock with satellite clinics in Conway, Benton, Jacksonville, North Little Rock and Warren. Dr. Prasad encourages those suffering from chronic pain to talk to their primary care physician about being referred to Arkansas Spine and Pain. "Come to our office. We take care of all kinds of pain situations to give you a painless future."

To learn more about Arkansas Spine and Pain, visit or call 501-227-0184.